PyJFuzz to the next level

Focused JSON fuzzing with BurpSuite and PyJFuzz - JSON vulnerabilities to the next level

October 20, 2016

What is PyJFuzz

In the previous post i wrote about PyJFuzz a project of mine focused on JSON fuzzing, it was developed entirely in Python based on radamsa general-purpose fuzzer. As I promised in this post I will talk about real-life fuzzing using PyJFuzz and Burp Suite. PyJFuzz is modular, easy-to-use, easy-to-extend and easy-to-integrate JSON fuzzer, using it you will be able to fuzz almost everything JSON based with a small effort.

A bit 'bout fuzzing

Fuzzing JSON using radamsa

October 13, 2016

JSON this stranger

Today JSON is the most used method to serialize objects and/or properties in order to exchange them between applications, in fact all the biggest companies today use it, companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more make uses of rest API servers. Rest API servers are JSON/XML based endpoint servers used to provide additional functionalities to user experience.